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The Forsaken Ruins

How to Activate:

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  • Login there using your Steam account.
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The Forsaken Ruins is a first-person horror game. Interact with the environment around you by picking up objects and throwing them to overcome challenging obstacles and monsters. Beginning in a cell you play as The Prisoner and your main goal is to escape the ruins alive. Blow up cell doors and smash items whilst attempting to remain hidden from unknown threats.

Delve deep into hell and you might just find a way out.

  • DELVE – Solve puzzles by reading books and notes throughout the ruins. Explore five unique levels each with their own level of dread.
  • SURVIVE – Stay hidden or run away from monsters that lurk in the darkness.
  • ESCAPE – Throw flaming barrels to overcome challenging obstacles and blow up prison doors to gain access to new areas! You’ll need to find four keys by smashing chests before you even think about trying to escape!

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The Forsaken Ruins


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