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Switch ‘N’ Shoot US

Endless arcade shoot-em-up action with just ONE button – Switch directions whenever you shoot! Calling all pilots: Earth is under alien attack! Your assistance is required! No experience necessary.

ONE BUTTON: Piloting an advanced star fighter with just one button is simple: you switch you shoot. Every shot fired changes your direction and mastering this is the key to becoming a legend among the stars. Timing is everything!

QUICK. SIMPLE. CHALLENGING: Don’t underestimate its simplicity; this game tests your reflexes like no other! And while your ship might become stardust in a matter of seconds you can instantly jump back in for “just one more go”.

RETRO ARCADE FEEL: A love letter to arcade classics with crunchy pixel art chiptune soundtrack authentic cabinet artwork and compulsive gameplay. Only now you don’t need a stack of coins to stand a chance at getting a High Score.

COLOUR PALETTES: Includes an Xbox exclusive colour palette plus you can unlock 64 palettes that completely change the look of everything in the game. Choose from 8-bit favourites or create your own!

PORTRAIT MODE: At the touch of a button your screen rotates into portrait mode (a.k.a. TATE Mode) for a truly authentic arcade experience.

  • Endless arcade shoot-em-up action with just ONE button
  • Xbox exclusive colour palette option
  • 64 colour palettes to unlock or create your own
  • Portrait mode (a.k.a. TATE mode) for an authentic arcade experience

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Switch ‘N’ Shoot US


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