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Redd’s Runaway

This is a tale about pain suffering and vengeance; about hope compassion and mercy.

Inspired by the Red Ridding Hood’s tale Redd’s Runaway is a run and gun action game combining a frenetic playstyle with an aesthetic reminiscent of the traditions of Halloween and the Day of the Dead in a short experience aiming for a great replayability.

  • A run and gun 2D game inspired by classics like Megaman X The Adventures of Batman and Robin (Mega Drive) and Ghost n’ Goblins.
  • Get inmersed into a world infused with the Halloween and the Day of the Dead mythos where ghosts monsters and demons appear at every step.
  • 6 worlds each one full of enemies and a level boss.
  • Obtain new weapons and switch between your arsenal in real time as you develop your own strategies to surpass this nightmare.
  • Different game modes like Arcade Endless and Boss Rush.
  • Discover a story about revenge when the sorceress Redd must stop an Underworld invasion in Brock City.

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Redd’s Runaway


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