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Payday 2

PAYDAY 2 is an action-packed four-player co-op shooter that once again lets gamers don the masks of the original PAYDAY crew – Dallas Hoxton Wolf and Chains – as they descend on Washington DC for an epic crime spree.

The CRIMENET network offers a huge range of dynamic contracts and players are free to choose anything from small-time convenience store hits or kidnappings to big league cyber-crime or emptying out major bank vaults for that epic PAYDAY. While in DC why not participate in the local community and run a few political errands?

Up to four friends co-operate on the hits and as the crew progresses the jobs become bigger better and more rewarding. Along with earning more money and becoming a legendary criminal comes a character customization and crafting system that lets crews build and customize their own guns and gear.

  • Rob Banks with Buddies – Participants need to carefully choose their staff because when the functioning job goes down they’ll want the proper mixture of skills on the part.
  • CRIMENET – The active contract database lets gamers choose from available work opportunities by linking with local associates such as for example Vlad the Ukrainian shady politician “The Elephant” and South American medicine trafficker Hector all making use of their possess agenda and needs in mind.
  • Each and every situation offers random geometry or rare occasions even.
  • Select Your Skills – As players advance they can purchase any of 4 special Skill Trees: the Mastermind the Enforcer the Ghost as well as the Technician. Each features a heavy customization tree of connected gear and abilities to understand and they could be matched and combined to generate the best heister.
  • Even more Masks than ever before – PAYDAY 2 features a new mask program completely giving players the capability to craft their own mask with a pattern and a colour combination together.
  • Adjustments and Weapons – A fresh arsenal for that serious heister covering from sniper and assault rifles to compact SMGs and PDWs. Once you’ve resolved for a popular you can change it with optics suppressors fore grips reticles barrels structures stocks tending to affect the overall performance of one’s weapon. There’s also solely aesthetic improvements – you will want to choose the medication lord appearance with refined walnut grips for the nine?

Strike the prospective any real method you need and view because the heist accordingly unfolds.

Just remember – there is no option you can find PayDay 2 in better price!

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Payday 2


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