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Payday 2: The Point Break Heists

How to Activate:

  • You will receive a gift link to the external provider’s website in your web browser.
  • Login there using your Steam account.
  • Make sure to choose the same country as your store country found in Steam account details.
  • The automated system will add your Steam account to friend-list. Please accept it.
  • After you accept the friend request it will send you your purchased game as a gift.

Crime Has No Limit.

The Point Break Heists DLC is the 29th DLC pack for PAYDAY 2 and represents a dream come true collaboration for us developers in the OVERKILL crew. For those of you who’ve been playing PAYDAY games since the first one came out you know Point Break was one of the heist movies that was the core inspiration for PAYDAY. Bodhi’s Pool Repair anyone? Other than two heists this DLC comes with a new contact pistol 6 songs 4 masks patterns materials and 10 achievements.

Activation Details

Download activation details: Download Now

Payday 2: The Point Break Heists


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