Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome



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Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome

Inspired by cult classics such as Interstate ’76 or Twisted Metal Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome is a fresh take on the vehicular combat genre. As a contender in this dark future’s most popular blood sport you must battle the most dangerous motorized killers from around the world to the beats of an immersive synthwave soundtrack. You are a battle-hardened gladiator your ride is your weapon and your fame can mean the difference between death or glory.

Fight in a variety of arenas against a host of different enemies. Each wave spawns varying enemies and therefore a different challenge every time.

Simply surviving is not good enough. What you do and how you do it is reflected in your popularity. Please the sociopathic crowds with an exciting explosive show and you can expect prizes and buffs. Provide a dull performance and you are in for a nasty surprise.

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Nightwolf: Survive the Megadome


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