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Maidens of a Hollow Dream

A side scrolling shooting game where you blast away foes while simultaneously swapping between two distinct characters. Damaging enemies will build an “alchemy aura” around your character which transforms enemy projectiles into gems. Collect these gems to build a magic gauge that will allow you to unleash “Friendship magic” an extravagant performance and powerful beam that obliterates surrounding enemy missiles and ships in mere seconds.
Aggressively plunge into barrages of enemy fire and blast away defeating enemies with exceptionally satisfying force!
Level up quickly by achieving high scoring combos then enhance your characters with unlockable power up items from the in-game store. A great mechanic for everyone from beginners to pros.

  • 4 ultra-dense stages
  • Online leaderboards support
  • Item purchasing and experience point system that enables even beginner players to clear stages through building their strength and leveling up over time.
  • Freely changeable difficulty levels
  • Tutorial for learning basic game mechanics
  • Controller Support

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Maidens of a Hollow Dream


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