Liftoff: Drone Racing – Deluxe Edition EU



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Liftoff: Drone Racing – Deluxe Edition EU

This bundle includes the following:

  • Liftoff: Drone Racing
  • Liftoff: Drone Racing – Deluxe Edtion Upgrade:
    • 4 exclusive skins

Become a skilled drone racing pilot in Liftoff: Drone Racing! The game challenges you to start a fast-paced from backyard to pro track drone racing pilot career either solo in the single-player or together with others in the online multiplayer mode.

With 27 officially licensed drone frames and hundreds of parts and skins from several top brands such as Rotor Riot Armattan and ImmersionRC you will be able to customize your own authentic racing drone by using thousands of customization combinations. Create the drone of your dreams start your motors and fly up to 60 race tracks in first-person or third-person view to be the best drone pilot out there.

Thanks to several game and flight modes it is not a matter of whether you are a pro drone pilot with real-life experience or a rookie who is completely new to the drone racing sport.

Enjoy advanced drone physics recommended and tested by top drone pilots across the world. Flying a drone in Liftoff: Drone Racing feels so real you will forget it is completely virtual! The exciting campaign mode will guide you through the history of drone racing!

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Liftoff: Drone Racing – Deluxe Edition EU


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