Elements II: Hearts of Light

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Elements II: Hearts of Light

A mysterious little girl. An insidious plot to resurrect a great evil. The legend of a faint and fading hope. And a band of young heroes desperate for answers.

Fans of the original will discover enhanced gameplay a more beautiful world a deeper party system and darker mysteries. To everyone else… welcome.

Set 360 years after “Elements: Soul of Fire” an age of political unrest and religious intolerance forms the backdrop for the next chapter in the story.

  • The start of a brand-new chapter in the Elements saga!
  • New approachable “Easy Mode” for beginners
  • Highly customizable gameplay system
  • Comprehensive enemy encyclopedia
  • Quest-tracking interface
  • Quick menu shortcuts all across the keyboard
  • Craft weapons armor and jewelry
  • Build your friendships to learn skills and combos
  • Learn new magic by equipping shards that you find
  • Elemental strengths fluctuate with the days of the week
  • Moral attributes determine the growth of your stats

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Elements II: Hearts of Light


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