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Coffee Talk EU

How to Activate:

  • You will receive a gift link to the external provider’s website in your web browser.
  • Login there using your Steam account.
  • Make sure to choose the same country as your store country found in Steam account details.
  • The automated system will add your Steam account to friend-list. Please accept it.
  • After you accept the friend request it will send you your purchased game as a gift.

Coffee Talk is a game about listening to people’s problems and helping them by serving up a warm drink out of the ingredients you have in stock. It is a game that depicts lives as humanly as possible while having a cast that is more than just humans.

Immerse yourself in the stories of alternative-Seattle inhabitants ranging from a dramatic love story between an elf and a succubus an alien trying to understand humans’ lives and many others modern readers will find strongly echo the world around them.

  • Tales of people from an alternative-Seattle a city where elves orcs mermaids and many other fantasy races live together with humans in a modern world we will all find familiar
  • Branching storylines where the branches are determined not by the dialogue options you choose but from how you serve your café customers
  • 90’s anime-inspired pixel art visuals and chill vibes-inducing color palette help to immerse you in the game’s world
  • Selection of jazzy and lo-fi music to accompany the late night warm drinks and conversations
  • An experience to make you think feel and rest both your body and your soul

Activation Details

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Coffee Talk EU


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